So many things inside
I can’t get them out
I don’t want to let them out
But they hurt inside

Who am I?
It bounces around, tugs at every nerve
But I don’t know, how can I know
So many different faces I see
Are they me?

I bury myself in you
Forget who I am
I give my all to you
I don’t want what I am

 So if I’m so unhappy
Straight down to my core
Why don’t I make myself happy
Change everything, even my core

 I’ve considered, you know
Who I want to be…
But a canyon lies between
Where I am now, and where I want to be

I am too afraid to jump
So I let myself sit
Tucked back into a corner
Staring at the split

I stand up
I sit down
Fold, unfold my legs
I walk to the edge
Look back
I can’t go back

Arms out stretched like a bird
I whisper “Help me”
And jump

The End

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