First Steps

Just something I wrote for a friend one night when I was feeling creative.

Chances Taken

Hello my friend, how are things across the sea? I’ve heard so many tales.

Imagining stony shores of mystery, my excitement does prevail.

Is it true fantastic beasts roam the land, running afoul the common folk?

A terrible ogre, a wicked king, a mischievous imp of sorts.

Oh the disasters that befall a man; whose spirit can easily be broke.

So without fear I go, for these wonders I seek, and its adventure that guides my course!


 I’ve heard of ancient ruins glazed in moss, a distant memory turned corporal.

To see these fingerprints of history, this travelers mind is hopeful.

In truth, what beckons my curiosity is the greatest tale of them all.

Of a maiden fair with auburn hair, that had a mind as sharp as silver; whom

Using naught but her wit, once slayed a giant standing ten meters tall.

With half a smile she strummed her lute and read the monster her memoir.

For rare was her kind, a beauty creative and odd, the poor beast stood no chance.

When the universe would attempt to break her, she held fast with elegant perseverance.

So without fear she went, for it was life she sought, and its knowledge that guided her course!


You see this journey is one that I simply have to make, yet truthfully I cannot say when.

The distance is great and after all, I have my own fantastic beasts with which to contend.

 But if the stories are true and such a maiden exists then, I’d say it’s worth a look.

For many a soul goes to the grave feeling regret, over actions they never took.

When I find this maiden what then? Will I entertain her thoughts?

A mind such as hers could otherwise never be bought.

No, to venture forth into the unknown, that is my only desire with her.

My strong will to explore, and her beacon to shine, the radiant light of Esther.

So without fear we shall go, for its answers we seek, and compassion that will guide our course!

The End

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