Champagne Supernova

Champagne Supernova

One day, I will find you…


But tonight I lay, head nested in the crunch of dying leaves,

Pointed towards the sky

The signal I want you to see.

The influence of a different aural song,

As lyrical tongues flick my ears,

The magickal presence of sound sweeping

A staved hand against the curve of my shoulders, and hips.


It feels like prophecy;

That realization you have when you dream,

That unnumbered sense that screams

“This will happen one day.”

Out in space a satellite floats,

That Moon of mine,

And wrongness fills logic,

As I swirl my lips into a name,

At first a whisper,

And then a scream, building

Building building,

I conjure a future of impossibility,

Choreographing lovers movements to this new song.


A dreamer dreams, she never dies…


You are my Card 15,

That devilish and damning obsession I need for self-expression.

The dancer I will cast for every ballet from here on out.

The idea that I feel in love with,

That I’d gladly drown myself in;

An ocean fills my lungs, absence of salty taste,

Bubbles escaping my mouth like smoke,

Popping into stars, constellations.

I don’t want to swim to the surface;

Instead I’ll inhale, and dance.


Someday, you will find me caught beneath this landslide,

And I will find you in the champagne supernova in the sky.

The End

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