Chameleon Lifestyle

Sometimes I feel like no one understands me.

Why should I have to change who I am,

Because it's a different person I'm sat next to?

What gives you the right to judge me?

If I swear or make a joke,

Why should it be my neighbour that decides,

How appropriate it is?

Why can't I say this to one person

Have them laugh,

Find someone else,

Have them frown.

What is this?

Tell me to be myself,

No point in hiding,

Be yourself, be true to you.

But the minute I am,

Don't change,

Chameleon like,

To suit your mood,

Your ideal,

Your life.

You hate me,

Moan at me,

Pass me over.

Give me a break to be myself.

Stop berating,

Being a hypocrite.

Your constant talk is over-rated,

Your speech kills me,

Bores me,

Then you,

Excite me, make me laugh.

Different people,

Different peoples.

Fighting within each other,

To be compared,




The End

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