Challenge Day

A day that a small group of our grade level is in one room

It’s a day where we challenge ourselves

We let out so much emotion

About ourselves, families, what they been through

Tears soaked everyone’s cheeks

It’s sad but today was powerful

It turns out you’re not alone

You have people around you and they feel the same way

Their family, drugs, prison, divorce

It was all let out in one room

I admitted things and I feel like I was heard

At first, you hesitate if you even want to participate

Then once it starts to flow, you reveal you’re whole past

You see and recognize people you see everyday

They hug you, and they say they love you

You learn to love them back

Knowing and feeling the same

Apologies escape from others to others

We felt weak individually but when it was over, we were strong

I have listened and I was heard

We challenged ourselves to change

To be the change of our school

I had a girl say, “I’ll always be there for you.”

I only know her hurt and name

Yet I love her too

Those who didn’t even have challenge day today

They saw me cry, and they hugged me

This is what brings back faith into this world

I cried today, not because of the sad but true stories

But knowing you’re not alone and you have people who love you

Today was the most powerful day of my life

The End

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