Chalk and Cheese

Two different people from two entirely different backgrounds who are headed for the same place. Love.

Late night shambles,

It didn't matter.

Your calmness eroded me to butter,

That face. So alive in my head,

Your crooked smile,

That one dimple on your left cheek,

See I remember.

Your formed from millions of skin cells,

 Each one, my darling,  related to the stars,

Every moment spent lying with you was enticing,

Every compliment oh so thrilling,

Every kiss pure electrifying,

Each secret smile squeezed my heart how you would squeeze lemons,

Ripe zesty lemons. The definition of us,

I felt safeguarded by you,

You could have been ghetto,

I wouldn't of had a clue,

We are an odd pairing me and you.

But this place is perfect so lets drag it out,

However they dragged me away,

They warned me,

I laughed


We are from different places,

But fate put us together,

So lets not cremate this.



The End

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