My Elixir of Life

I wonder,
did the alchemists of old
Spend their dreariest nights under the fragile
lights of their study,
Just watching the flies until,
In a second, by the doom
that is adhesive paper, they kick,
Scream even,
Until only twitches are left.
All in a day’s work.

Little wonder they search
for a wonder.
An elixir of life so precious
It turns your stones precious
and grants immortality.
Rough deal, to spend
watching flies die.

It was just one night of weakness,
Two lonely people watching flies
meeting for this last time.
We worked hard at it
And with the right sprinkling
of a little magic,
Something was born.

You are my elixir, son,
And every generation,
I shall drink from it,
Through you may we find
our potion of eternity.

The End

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