In the Sun and Stars

You see him as some shining knight
in ornately gilded armour.

Well pretty boys aren’t meant to last
and steel soon fades to rust.
When the clock strikes twelve you run
and don’t look back, not even for
a glass slipper, under fear
of the hour when things go wrong
and his killer stare just burns you inside.
Evil is a villain of his creation
A haunting lullaby so often sung

because beasts are made to kill not dance, 
with you under a predator’s stare.
The willow tree isn’t what is used to be
since they cut it down and built that clock,
Tick tock, tick tock,
That face is going to jump over the moon.

Now you let your hair down for the final crescendo,
The ivy parts from the tower as he closes in
for the kiss through the looking glass to steal you

The End

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