chained to the past...

Its a poem for someone who is still living in their past and suffering...

You think I can't feel

what you are going through,

You think I can't see 

what's underneath that smile.

Holding on to the shards of your past.

Half alive, slowly breaking you, tearing you apart.

All i wish is a chance,

to release you from these chains of your past...

So close your eyes

And drift away from the pain with me.

I'll find a way to heal your soul,

and release you from your sorrows hold.

Let me fill this void,

and fix the puzzle confusing you.

I know it will be difficult

but nothing can stand on the way,

Once I have your hand to hold.

As much as i'd like the past to not exist,

it still does...

So just let me remove the shadows

clouding you, chasing you.

All you need to do is ask 

or just show me a sign...

I'll be waiting on you forever

until my heart beats its last.

The End

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