errrrrrr don't ask

Spread open and bare

Ribs rising as her breaths come in gasps

Her eyes defiant and burning

Her teeth digging into her bloodied lips

Her hips rolling painfully against the cement wall

She grips the chains and throws her had back

Grip her hard dig into her flesh

Make it burn and bite

Make her cry out and growl

Her wrists being dug out with metal and teeth working and cutting your flesh

Bodies twisted, bodies damaged

Dear god she won’t get out alive

From the blood seeping from his neck neither will he

Taming beasts wilder then tigers

More deadly then snakes

She digs her legs into his hips working them faster

He claws at her hips making her bruise and ache

Don’t stop till it hurts

Kill her from the inside out

Her eyes are burning you her ribs are shaking as she breaths

Her teeth digging and her hips rocking harder

Make it ache girl

Make it burn.

The End

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