This poem was written 4-6-84 - This poem is about two people attracted to each other from afar for years before they got together. There is a slight age difference and he had to wait until she was of legal age. She was young and naive, and he was a worldly womanizer; but, he had fallen in love with her and she with him. He had other issues and she wasn't sure if it was right to be with him; but, she was overwhelmed and got caught up in the moment, which created another moment.

As I sit her, listless, mind not knowing what to think, heart not knowing how to feel; but my body knows.  I want to go out with a man tonight!  A man I can make love to, and share with, who knows me, and I know him.  Someone whom, "we have shared a tender-sweet wonderful moment of love, that time could not erase; and mere moments of fleeting glances only make our hearts beat rapidly for the touch and taste of each other.  You and I know, it has to be!  It was!  For our thoughts have spanned time and space to evolve into one, in that created space called Ceugenia, the joining of our souls.

It happened, it doesn't seem that long ago, only yesterday.  We met, and loved, from afar, until that day.  We knew it was time, the time had come, the time we had waited for, only knowing of in our hearts.  The moment was magically lovely.  We were entranced and mesmerized in a dream that time could not awaken us from.

It is here again, you know and I, know, fate has destined it so, it has to be, again!  Eternal love is a lasting love, a love that spans time and space to evolve again into one, in that created space called Ceugenia, the joining of our souls.

The End

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