Certain Choices, Certain Misery

Catch me please, before I fall to my death

This truth constantly drives me into madness

No point trying to hide

God knows what lies behind this

So it should be good?

I’m paralyzed by this apprehension

And I’ll then be forever blinded by tears

Sleeping is close to death, just a cousin

Fallen angels will whisper mortality futures to me

Souls begging at my feet

Who knew I would be this afraid?

Everyday has its own special apprehensive death

Voices beckon me upon my end

Don’t close your eyes; it would be turning out the lights

Death witnessed by my eyes then creeping beside me, I fear

I pray that I will be saved before I am undone

I can’t turn away

Temptation is all around

My punishment for all I have loved then forsaken

I am marooned in a chilling atmosphere, isolated

For in making the wrong election, I hear the demon audience applause

Such an ovation I hear to know I have fallen with them

The End

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