(Center Stage)

This poem of mine is overly symbolic, so, it is more than open to individual interpretation, it's much rather preferred. To me, it allows leeway for contradictions, with a main focus on the self-centered viewpoint of society and its preferences - hence, the title. And the rest is presented abstractly in concern of my feelings with the whole situation. Enjoy.

Silver wings float and hover, attaching kindly to our vast ocean,

Rumor has it that creation has battled and lost to fixation,

The world only revolves around the Adorned fit for worshipping,

Horrific contradictions; like love and its overrated simplicity.

We’ve become so unaware of the sunrise outside,

The warmth it shares with no exclusion or surprise,

Except in its trembling view and sensually biased opinion,

Relay to us a hint of true lust; grant to us a piece of open trust.

In a Narrators voice, I propose a humble toast,

That she might like you more, but I fancy you most,

Without resulting in predictability; justly follow your strings,

The patient Puppet Master awaits your reversible offering.

D-Day was a triumphant inlet to say the least,

Marking its worthy place; a turning point in history,

But V-day gives away free hormones and chocolate,

And comes highly approved by my estrogenic ancestry.

Please don’t change your plot; please don’t ever be different,

Is what I would say if I were afraid; if I were insecure or pathetic,

I’ll always be a wing man, a dramatist, a wannabe MacGyver,

But even that transforms into a pilot, a satirist, the heroic survivor.

Let your will be resupplied on this dark morning we call night,

For time safely appears to be more trivial than it is realistic,

My words, derived from the clock face, long to conquer and submit,

To the unpackaged product of a perfectly ignorant, criminal accident.   

The End

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