Cellular Division

A piece discussing the dual nature of humanity, and the consequences of decisions.

There's a civil war inside of me,

Breaking out for all to see.

My heart and mind just can't agree,

On who exactly I should be.


Is it just a hopeless dream,

That these two sides could ever meet,

In the middle where it would seem,

That neither side would need retreat?  


In my cells,

I feel myself

Dividing in two,

Can you feel it too? 


'Cause either way, it's bittersweet,

To my coward's tongue that tries to hide.

To avoid the taste of true defeat,

It joins the ranks on neither side.  


In my cells,

I feel myself,

Dividing in two.

Can you feel it too?


So now my body itself divides,

Into two armies prepared to fight.

My hands with my heart, my legs for my mind.

I want to hold on, but escape in the night.  


Inside my cells, 

I feel myself,

Dividing in two,

I bet you feel it too.  

This civil war inside of me,

Has ravaged who I used to be.

My heart feels broken, my mind says "free."

It seems these two sides still can't agree.  

The End

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