a poem I wrote to my sister for her birthday

We did not ask

to be separated

To live worlds apart


Were we dream 

grow and run the race

Climb mountains

 Walk through fires and

Sometimes stand alone



What saves my heart

Is the knowing of having you

To be loved and cared for


It’s easy to say pretty things

And forget about the connections

One creates….

Through each others presence

Smiles and laughs


The deep bonds formed…

Through shared pain

Resolved fights

And a life lived together


On this day of celebration

I rejoice in your life

Your rebirth and dedication


 Staying strong and elevated

Above wars

Disappointments and

Unwanted expectations


On this day of celebration

I call out gratitude to the Lord


For blessing you with new strength


And the will to concur all life’s challenges


Today  I sing about your AWESOMENESS

I’ll dance with you

Till the break of dawn

Standing happy and tall

Let’s remenis about good times

Laugh until out jaws hurt

And share some tears in healing


I look back at our lives growing up

Refreshing my admiration and respect

For your boldness and guidance


How you always help me

Through good and bad

And never seize

To stand up and protect me


I treasure the still frames

Of previous birthday’s

Paper crowns and way to much candy


May this day

hold all these precious memories

let it be the start

of new lasting ones


remembered by friends and family

a day of UNITY   and  LOVE

of all the best







The End

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