Be careful, the image you look at in the mirror 

may be a little distorted by what society thinks. 

Maybe even by what you think, 

letting them push thoughts into your head 

from a young age, 

telling you that you need something added 

just for you to look pretty enough to be that cover girl. 

Your strong enough 

to stand on your own two feet 

without people telling you how to think and act. 

You're beautiful enough, 

even more beautiful than that girl

the one on cover caking on the make up 

to look phenomenal to impress you. 

You can be so much more than what you think, 

if you really wanted to you could even touch the clouds, 

and soar higher than any has ever done. 

You got a mind of you own 

yet you let the tv sitting in your living room tell you 

that you're not good enough. 

If you could only see what I see in you every single day. 

You better than you've been giving yourself credit for. 

For some reason, the no one will ever be able to explain, 

you'll never be able to see yourself 

at least not as beautiful 

as everyone else will always see you. 

No matter what you may think, 

your more than beautiful, you're a phenomenal person.

The End

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