Caught in the Trap

I wrote this a long time ago, like years ago, but I thought I'd post it. Symbolism and metaphor, gotta love it.

The venus flytrap opens her mouth ever so slightly

And the insects fall for her game

They fall for her tricks, her cunning, her reflexes

And the fake personality

Her mouth opens wider

She and the insects are becoming "friends"

Because the insects don't see through her mask

Her mouth opens wider

She's reeling them in

Learning their secrets for future betrayal

Her mouth opens wider

The insects are merely victims, prey, those poor creatures

Tricked so easily into flying nearer to the trap

Her mouth opens wider

Poor creatures, poor creatures

They helplessly will suffer, though they don't realize

That the lies will only get bigger

Her mouth is opening ever so widely

The insects are closer and closer to their fates

The trap of the monster, slowly opening wider


Her mouth closes around the many insects now meeting fate

Dead inside for they believed nothing but her lies.

The End

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