Caught in the Logic

A rambling commentary/story of sorts about the indecision and confusion of an analyst trying to find the happy medium between cold reasoning and blissful ignorance.

Just lying here, innocent

The world doesn’t ever fit


So I say,

While wasting the

Day away.

Trying to take a chance, but

I still can’t even glance

Fate in the eye

I know that

I should have tried

So why

Why do I just freeze up

Why can’t I just ease up

Make up the lines

And try to fly

While dancing wildly

Out of time

 I know


That it might be possible, to

Get out but not fall through

The cracks

I'd made before

From shutting the only door

Too loud and

Too hard.

I had to

Make a point, I thought

I still think so, at that

But the point

Stabbed back.  Left me

Off track

Disoriented, and

Forever confined

To the bed

That I have made

I am afraid, I thought I knew

Though I doubt I'm fit to choose

I had so much


I didn't see the value of it

But the reasons

I inherited from

My departure

Only let me go one way, as

The past is a folly,

The future a cage.



The End

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