A poem by a cat-lover. Bits of this are a little weird.

Tabby cats seat themselves on the dusty brick wall,

In the summer evening crawls,

Casting a amber glow on the alleway,

To match their lamplike eyes like a jewel-sun's ray,

Snowy is lying on her purple velvet rug,

Welcoming the fire's warmth and, maybe, a hug,

And Jet-black, the finest, most beautiful beast,

Never at all frightened in the least,

Claws caked with the blood of his unlucky kill,

He's well-fed, the mouse-murder is just for the thrill,

He will date a pretty young kitty for a night,

Then he will leave while the stars are still bright,

His many girlfriends don't miss him at all,

They listen for a new boyfriend's call,

What a fabulous way to be!

Responsibility and commitment free!

Cats are the good-time girls and boys of alleyway,

Different gangs by night and day,

They kill their mice and have their fun,

Then disappear into the setting sun.



The End

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