Cathy Dear

A poem based on the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Cathy Dear

Cathy dear
You're playing me, I fear.
Don't you see?
You're playing us, Edgar and me.

Why don't you choose, Cathy dear?
I don't want you near
I want you by my side,
Despite how you've lied.

So what do you say, Cathy dear?
I am Heathcliff, I am here.
Don't make me leave, because i'll go far
Who do you love, me or Edgar?

Cathy dear,
Don't shed a tear.
You know I love you
Maybe you love me too.

But I need to see, Cathy dear
I need to hear, whisper in my ear.
Show me dear Cathy, let me see
I am you and you are me

The End

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