Cathedral of Orchids (version 3)

As the candle-light reflects in my falling tears
I cried so hard, I dreamed of you again
Still, after all this time, nothing seems right
All the beauty we had, has wilted and died
Falling with the petals
In the cathedral of orchids

I gave you everything
more than any other man could
But it wasn’t right,
you still walked away and
Left my heart to break
in the cathedral of orchids

We used to spend the nights
in each other’s arms
You were my reason for living
I touched your soul
and I was compelled
My Love will be yours forever

Maybe when the rain clears
I’ll call out to you
even if I am greeted with
the agony of silence
I never resented you
No, I never resented you

I stepped into the cathedral
a single orchid in my hand
Like the time
I first saw you

I hope I reached you
Did you ever feel the pain?
of a dying soulmate
If I could change the past
I’d only relive those days
Lying beside you
in the cathedral of orchids

The End

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