A little preview of a story idea I have. I really do like this poem.

Walking through a cathedral

I saw her face upon the glass window

A long sobbing angel whom I adore

Shattered dreams flowing along the shore


And yet I alone can see her

And I alone can hear her

That angel crying tears of sheltered blood

With all her shattered dreams sailing to the shore


So does she exist?

The crying siren upon the glass window

Or am I insane?

I may never know


Are her sighs lost upon the cold eternal winds

Across my ears, her many sins caress me in forgotten lore

Which I fear I will hear once and forevermore

Face down tears of blood stain the floor


And so I leave you with this

This angel of light needs a dark winters knight

Cascading on the whims of fighting her torments

And do I see her there?

The angel of light once knowing she’s divine

Cannot resist the one who hears her wicked sighs


We embrace the life we wish we lived

But hate the life we have

Cannot the veil of secrets reveal to you this?

Controlling dreams is impossible for they are controlled by someone else

The key to your locked heart is held by another

And once met, you and he will never sever.

The End

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