Stop Me If You Can--Part TwoMature

Twenty in a pack
It's hard to just stop at one
What on earth have I become?
There's no going back

Bottles on the wall
My mind's drowning in beer,
With hallucinations so unclear
I want help, but who can I call?

There's no turning back
From all of the things I have done
So what's the point
To change who I've become?

Stop me if you can
Before I lose the chance, let me make it clear
"This wasn't part of the plan."
 I didn't think the effects would be severe
Stop me if you can

Six have gone by
I breathe in and out, but it's not enough
Maybe just one more puff
Hell, I gave it a try...

There's no where to go
There's no where for me to run
 So what's the point
To change who I've become? 

The End

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