Catch Me If You CanMature

A runaway poem.

It's half past five.
It's dark and I can barely see.
How am I still alive
When the morning air is numbing me?

Distant sirens
Red and blue lights are constantly searching
It never ends.
I hide in alleyways to avoid those who are lurking.

I stayed, I stayed,
I stayed quiet and went my own way.
I'm afraid, afraid,
That they don't care anyway.

Catch me if you can.
I bet you won't find me anytime soon.
Do you know where I am?
Try reading the note I left in my room.
Catch me if you can.

Do you miss my voice?
Sometimes I miss yours, but I shake my head.
I had no choice.
My sanity was hanging by a thread.

I felt, I felt
I felt like I was no longer whole.
I melt, I melt
Every time you lose control.

Catch me if you can.
No matter how far I run, there's no escape.
Do you know where I am?
By the time I'm found, it'll be too late.
Catch me if you can.

The End

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