The Child

The Child pulls me with her,

Telling me she has a story.

She pulls me towards her,

On the hot sand.

She tells me her mother-

A kind women she is-

Has died.

When was this?

I ask, feeling so tight.

The child sighs,

And tells me her brother lost his sight.

We have no money,

It is gone.

To Daddy’s gamboling buddies

And to a tab. It’s all gone,

I have no school

I has almost lost my life,


In this fortnight.

I take her hand,

Pressing it to her heart.

Do you feel that?

I ask, hoping she does.

I do.

She answers with respect.

You have not lost your life,

It’s there.

There are things to live for,

Little things.

The girl smiles,

And looks to the sky.

I know,

Each sunrise,

Each Day,

Every heart beat,

Every breath.

Brings me closer to home,

To my mother.

To my Father.

Not to the man who gambled away my future.

I look to the sky,

This child taught me something,

Something I never knew

When we parted,

I came to know.

This child,

Her soul,

Is wise.

She is smart,

And brave,

And proud.

Everything I’m not,

She is.

The End

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