Tell everyone everything you know about me
I don't want any secrets anymore
If you've heard the worst then it's probably true
I've made my share of mistakes

Don't argue what you hear because there's no point
The people that know everything know it's all true
I've held nothing back from them
And don't think I have

If you hate me for what you've heard then there's no point
I'm not around for you anymore
And if you're really that sheltered
Then you're gonna fly into the ground
Straight into the ground, alone

But just know that I've loved you all
No matter what I said

My family knows everything
Both by blood and by emotion
I'll miss them the most where I'm going
But I'll always be right there with you
And I'll always come back for you
And I'll be waiting for all of you
To catch up to me
In this new place I call home

The End

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