Insomniacs, Freaks, Geniuses, and BulliesMature


Down in the kitchen, midnight snack.

Tossing and turning, the nightmares can't come back.

I can't sleep,

Won't sleep,

For fear of fear itself.



Head down, weave through the crowd,

Hands over ears, wish that they weren't so loud.

I don't want to be normal,

Can't be normal,

Just want to be accepted and loved.



Eyes darting, gaze calculating and cold,

Too smart to fit in, to smart for society, or so they've been told.

I don't want to give this up,

Can't let go of this intelligence,

J'ai besoin de comprendre ce.



Hiding insecurities and weakness, the fact that they're not tall,

By kicking, spitting, throwing someone against a wall.

I don't know why I do this,

Really shouldn't do it,

Can't seem to stop, let vulnerability show.

The End

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