this means everything and yet nothing to me, and I would not know where o start explaining the meaning to this, so please do not ask me, for I would not be able to tell.

She stopped breathing ten years ago.
The last heaving gulp of air, and then


Void of everything except the thought in her brain and the clothes on her bones, she walks.
Or rather, she drifts.


slightly above the world, but never quite touching.
 Never quite in contact with the faultless earth. Barley there and hardly caring, she walks.


Airborne; limited by none but the air in her tired lungs.
She keeps no company- minimal needs and is ohsogoo-oooood,

Good little girl, bare your skin and let it


He doesn’t pay like he used to, but that’s okay because
it’s not what they pay, or what they say, anymore

it’s what they don’t say.


Foxes with plastic heads on metal sticks,
she wears her stomach on her sleeve and her heart in her eyes,
She’s carried home on the breast of beasts that whine,

Her heart's on fire.


She tried to kill what’s inside- with the sharptongued mirror
broken glass in wholest hearts
                She’s fifteen and he’s forty-five but that’s okay

she’s polluted anyway.

The End

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