Castles of Sand

About fighting for reasons which seem odd, (relgious, political or social) wondering why we couldn't work things out

We live in a world/

Tearing itself apart at the seams/

Cluster bombs shatter dreams/

Ripping the skin from our bones


A burning hatred/

Runs through our vains/

God or godlessness/

A vague memory/

Horrors feed from both hands/

Our lives are castles/

Built on top of sand


Drive away/

Rescue yourself from the bitter day/

Lead astray/

Though no light or darkness can control me


Burning alive/

Ground to dust for a faceless king/

Merciful but blind/

Wired and barbed words we sing


Cold culture/

Suppression of thought/

Taking everything/

Leaving me distraught

The End

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