Fortune smiles only when she knows something

You don't; be it a snippet from the future or

An answer from the past or even just

A glimpse behind some curtain that you've never been

Able to shift.

We toss up walls everywhere

And we paint the insides so that they look

As different from the real world as possible.

We devote our time and energy to restoring

And prolonging life, but

For what purpose?

Most of us have become so distanced from 

Life that we don't even know

What it is that

We are grieving for.

Just like Alice, we flood our rooms with

So many tears that we are washed away,

Still crying miles away

Even though we can no longer see the sight

That first sprang tears to our eyes,

But it's already too late, and our beautiful castles

Are washed away

Along with the bodies that we so desperately 

Starve and paint and scrutinize 

And dehumanize

Until the thing that is lost can no longer be missed.

It is just too far away.

The End

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