Oh, grand Castle, how magnificent you look

Outlined against blue skies and surrounding features,

the clouds streaming high above you,

your west lawn illuminated by the bright sunlight

and leaves launching themselves about at your  base.


No gale can sway you, mighty Fortress.

How you must laugh at the women's hair!

You shan't be dissolved by rain -

how you must chortle at the bedraggled children.

Your windows shine when we are blinded by sunlight.


How inspiring are you in thunderstorms?

You lose not faith as the sky rumbles,

You show no fear at the flash of lightning -

Could a cannon even shake you?

You seem invincible.


But are you only interesting

in terms of history and literature,

architecture and art?

I don't believe so: on a mystic level,

rumours spread about your ghosts...


And back to your impressiveness!

When brass players stand on your ramparts,

playing ‘The Last Post, do they feel your

immense power? And will you stand there,

forever strong?

Who can bear to say ‘No'?

You're a spirit of triumph, a symbol of


You are most grand Castle.

The End

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