Cast the First Stone

Taken from one of my favorite Bible passages, St. John 8:1-11. This passage literally changed my life, I kid you not!!!

Cast the First Stone

Adult'rous, ungrateful wench!
 So unfaithful and unjust
The sin crept around my heart
And tightened the grip of lust

Caught in the very act of sin
And now condemned to die
The Law says I must pay
A Law I can't deny

And cast in front of the crowd
An object of their scorn
I am thrown to my knees
Trembling, frail, and worn

The leaders show me to One
"Yeshua," they call His name
I close my eyes and brace myself
For the inevitable blame

The Law demands my death
And that I must be stoned
Only God Himself could stop this
God, and God alone 

My sins are now before me
I cannot run or hide
I hold my tongue in silence
Though my soul screams inside 

Yet Yeshua turns to those gathered
"Let any of you who is without sin
Be the first to throw a stone!"
Pure silence follows then

 None of them are sinless
They lay their stones and leave
And leave me alone with Him
And Him alone with me

I finally dare to look up
To dare to meet His eyes
What I see is not damnation
But healing from my life

"Woman, where are they?
Has no one condemned you?"
He asks, and the sound
Fills my soul anew

"No one, Sir," I reply
For indeed, they all have gone
But what will He do to me?
Will He hold me to the Law?

Love fills His eyes, as though
I am someone to die for
"Neither do I condemn you
Go, and sin no more." 

The End

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