Carving My HatredMature

Not so long ago on a night that was bitterly cold
I sat on my bed feeling defeated and very old
I pulled out a razor and looked at with sad eyes
I was tired of all the bullshit and religious lies.

I was alone on that night, no one to comfort me
There was no hope or light that I could see
I wanted some relief, to feel alright for awhile
I needed something that would make me smile.

I took the razor and carved an upside down cross
I let it bleed for all the pain, for all the loss
I bore that mark without any guilt or shame
This was a fight for my life and sanity not a game.

I watched it bleed and sighed completely contended
I am not sorry, I never felt bad or repented
I carry it with me as a sign of hatred and spite
I carry it with me and to others it’s an ugly sight.

If you haven’t been ruined by religion you can’t understand
The cruel, damaging and heartless things it demands
But if you have, you can look at the scars and know
I don’t wear them for show.

The End

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