I could stare for ages, but ages wouldn't do

So, like a cartographer, I map every inch of you

Every freckle, an island in an expansive sea of warm skin

Every hair, a border to mark where new territory begins

Every scar, a road no adventurer has dared to wander

Every crease, a patient valley waiting to be pondered

Every bump, a great mountain with an exquisite view

Every bruise, an undiscovered country, a secret part of you

Each mole and each crevice I sketch lightly on the page

So that they can be erased, and changed with age

When we're old and wrinkled, I can mark those wrinkles too

And like lakes, I will pen your age spots in ink of deepest blue

I could draw for ages, but ages wouldn't do

So, like an traveller, I explore every inch of you

The End

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