Carry me downMature

I am young, I am young, I am young.

I steal a tadpole's tears, and force them from my cut eyelashes 

One at a time, savouring the way they spill onto my blackened cheek 

I will wait for you here, with these traces on my hollow face 

Of how I stole a baby's breath, and force fed it lies, to speak

"We can love, I can carry this weight, I can carry you down. 

Because I am young, I am young, I am young"

Tasting salt on my tongue, I smile at the ugly eyes that stare me down

Empty and wasted, I will look inside those dull, hardened, grey eyes

With unforgiving hate until the day, that they fade into feeble dust and the world 

Is at once finally free of just yet another cruel and beautiful mistake. 

Let me see how strong I can be, lets cut harder, push me further, further until 

You can see the blood beating through my veins as through 

running away from my singing heart in terrified frenzy of

What no longer lies in it's laced filligre framework 

I took your tears, In the place of this something...

That should lie in the virtuous heart of someone so young. It is stolen. 

Because I am old, I am old, I am old before It's time 

Breathing smoke through these lips because I like the way it aches 

Coating lungs with self hate, comforted by adding a hazy hue 

to what it pains us so much to know. 

Bring me hope, So young, so young, so young to pick up

Those shards of souls I broke, pieces of flesh thrown 

Because as we lay together, we peeled our skin and became different...

Shed who we were, and let ourselves see what was breathing, beating 

See that we were moving as we thought we should, as you'd practised 

When we should have known, these different people wouldn't fit 

Or be people we knew. Strangers holding hands. 

"We can love, I can carry this weight, I can carry you down. 

Because I am young, I am young, I am young 

I can carry you down to the water and lay you to rest 

from the voices that follow you around like broken children 

Searching for monotropy, Someone to hold onto 

as they wandered the woods alone as the light, left you. 

I promise I can make those fading eyes look different to you, 

I can fill them up with something different, something you can see and touch". 

You promised, and you filled them up with a give away of my fears, water  

That I still can't contain. 

If were young, young, so young 

But so old, so old and tired 

Can you bring me someone to carry me down ? 

Before the smoke I proved myself with, takes me down in flames. 

With the child, So young, So young... screaming from my grey eyes. 

The End

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