Carpet thoughts

Words flutter around in my mind while I unceasingly picture you where you are and what you're doing

Lying awake on the floor 

I watch the days flurry by 

Moments flying out the door 

they disappear but never die 

Each taken breath, I waste 

One more day without you 

burning away calendar's date

don't know how , don't know what to do 

Dear god , why does this happen ?

She is the light of my days 

But cruel , faith has been to men 

Together you shall not be , faith says 

Tho distance does nothing 

does not cut nor break 

About you I will be dreaming 

Our bond will not shake 

My hand can only reach so far 

Far enough to hold the sky 

But never enough to reach where you are 

But it pretends to hold a star , a desperate lie 

For you , the hearts longing won't cease 

The  heart still bleeding blood so scarlet  

Not until you come and  release 

This prisoner strapped down on this carpet 

The End

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