So many years ago when we were young
and nothing ever seemed out of reach
I was calm enough to understand
the true beauty of the oceanic skies

They say there’s two halves to every heart
and that we all belong to another
My heart was formed in the ocean waves
so I was born to wander alone

But from the rivers of Avalon
to the lost caribou of far, far away
I know we will meet
I know we will meet
I see you in my dreams
Just out of reach

I love how many memories are conjured
by the nostalgic feel of my childhood haunts
Some I never truly explored, even back then
just goes to show that I am my own worst enemy

These last, fading keys from my old favourite song
are carried by the tender, Summer breeze
They remind me of you and how you always smiled
whenever I was lucky enough to see you

The End

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