Inner Halo

You rushed around in the cold today,

then found it was unneeded and your ‘noon is free.

With the flush in your cheeks, and your muscles stretched well,

with a smile in your heart from the enjoyment of company,

there’s an energy you feel lighting the things you do:

an inner halo of happiness.

     Buoyant, feeling beautiful:

your exterior might be plain,

but this joy makes everything fine.

Who says you need make-up or nice clothes?

The great thing in a life is the people.

     So much love in this joy-state,

and a desire to spread your personal cheer;

great affection for your family tinges pink your mind’s edges

and softens them.

Ah, in this mood, strife is all but forgotten!

And even dull things sparkle.

The inner halo reaches out,

but still warms you inside.

I want to be a friend,

I want to be valued,

I want to be the kind of person

they talk about with smiles.

     Few things are tenderer,

more encouraging of kindness,

more accepting of childlike innocence,

than a shining inner halo. 

The End

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