Car Journey

Face pressed against the cold, damp pane of glass,

Watching the white lines on the road,

Until they merge together,

I could die any minute, now that I care to give it some thought,

Music from my I-pod pounds against my eardrums,

But I am only vaguely aware of it,

Thoughts I've never really thought are circulating my mind,

I don't participate in the conversation among the driver and other passengers,

I am too intrigued by my own mind,

Being able to think different thoughts,

Is like discovering a feature on a computer,

That I never knew was there,

In my mind things are private,

In my mind things are safe,

Until guilt or worry stresses me into the fits of nightmares,


And all is revealed,

The car journey lets me think.

Safely surrounded by music,

Safely uninterrupted,

Safe but scared,

Of being found out,

I am relentlessly tortured by worries,

Burning me is a game to them,

Many a human killed by their own emotions,

Crash the car,

I am silently willing the driver to lose control,

But he never will,

And I'm left with the wires of my heart tangled,

My brain cells melt away one by one as I try to find the answer.

The End

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