Bring to me another song line
I've enjoyed these little encounters

I really should have realised what was taking form
But I was blind, preoccupied.
I can't look into your eyes without a crystal tear drop sliding down my cheeks,
Those seas of green could enchant the coldest hearts.

You've entranced my soul,
And enraptured my eyes, my ears.
These butterflies tickle my stomach
And whenever your lips stretch to form a smile,
The Sun's vitality drowns.

You define beauty,
Your laughter deafens me with impossible magnificence.
For every step you take, a sweet spring daisy bursts forth
Every blackened nook you find yourself in blazes with burning light
Every forest glade cries out for your gentle footsteps

I adore you, with the very essence of my being
Every second I find myself in your presence,
My Heartstrings are plucked in such a way,
The most beautiful melody erupts from my chest.

I'd pour myself out for one touch, one touch of paradise.

I love you. 

The End

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