Can't you see? SUCKS, and this is just about me....wanting someone to see the pain.

I'm walking through the halls,
tears in my eyes.
You ask if I'm okay
and I nod my head,
but cant you see my world is shaking?

See there?
My smile just faltered.
I'm lying.
I'm trying to hide from you.
Make me tell you what's wrong.

Can't you see my heart is breaking?
It's racing,
hoping you won't see
through my mask.

You ask if I'm crying,
I say no,
but can't you see-
Grab my hands,
look me in the eye.
Tell me that you love me.

I'm alone in this world,
don't let me go.
I don't know where to turn,
make me turn
to you.

The End

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