Can't Lose You

I've had several people tell me they cried reading this. I cried writing it, so it doesn't surprise me. I also may have a few typos I failed to catch while reading it over.

You are the light,
That shines through,
All the darkness and despair.

You are the hope,
That got me through,
The storm.

You are my sister,
Not through blood,
But through our deep friendship.

And as I watch,
You silently get weaker,
And weaker.

I cry out,
But you can't hear me,
For it is too late.

In my dreams,
You appear,
As an angel.

And I ask,
"Why did you leave me?
When you know I can't ever lose you?"

You hesitate at first,
But before you know it,
We are both crying.

You say,
"I'm so sorry,
Dear little sis,
But I had to leave,
I was in so much pain,
I couldn't take it any longer."

I look at you,
You look back,
Searching your eyes,
For some kind of answer.

Finally I decide,
If you get to let go of the pain,
Then so do I.

I grab that razor,
You scream,
And stop me before it's too late.

As I fight,
I slowly weaken,
For you are holding me once more,

I feel the warmth,
Your steadily beating heart,
And I know,
You never left to begin with.

For you know,
I can't ever lose you,
My big sister.

The End

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