Can You Tell?Mature

Wrote this for my ex for Valentines day in 2012.

You feel like heaven upon my lips
the intensity times 11 tingling down my fingertips
Put your,
Hand between my thighs,
Let me,
Be mesmerized.
Passion in my ear as I lay with eyes closed….
Disrobed and soul exposed As gentle hands massage, touch & kneed me like dough Removing the ache of discomfort & neglect from my soul
What I want is a force of need…. Not a want but a,
Magnetism of mated hearts from yours to mine with the possibility of,
Love shining in your eyes
What I desire is to be your obsession and your delight As I,
Share my confession In the dark hours of the night I,
desire to be enraptured by the tone of your voice
Just knowing that you want me makes me so moist As I,
Imagine you caressing my frame
The flame ignites When you speak my name Its as
Tantalizing as your love bites...
DAMN, ive never felt this good
My Body & my mind
Knowing it should climb,
on top of you & arch my back
Up & Down keeping up the slack
I so desire to know what makes you tick
The songs you love to hear… Mmmmm..
Just to learn how to hum them while sucking your dick I want.. all of you.
What is on your mind?
To know your fantasies as you enter from behind
Moaning as you plunge in deep I feel myself tighten around you as I weep,
Faster & Harder while clawing the sheets
A few more thrusts and that will do
We finish together..
satisfying us?
Well I desire you..
can you tell?

The End

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