Can you show me your face, cry?

A fan wandered about her favorite YouTuber, Cryaotic or Cry, looked like.

Hi there

My name was Eryka Presley

I was your biggest fan

I watched your videos

Now and then

Your sense of humor made me smile

As your handsome voice was music to my ears

Every time I watched your funny videos

You never showed your face

I was always wandering what you looked like

Because you sounded like an angel

An angel with a wonderful voice who never revealed himself

You always wore a mask which was your mascot named 'Sup Guy'

You never took it off to show us your whole face

Expected your mouth which formed a smile

You were the most mysterious person that I'd ever met

I knew that you didn't like to show yourself to people

But I wanted you to show me who you really were

So I asked you this, my friend

Can you show me your face, Cry?

The End

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