Can You Hear It?

Not my best poem, but I had to write it. So, here you go. Enjoy.

Can you hear it?

The sound of the laughing children?

The sound of a guitar on a street corner?

The roar of water in a waterfall?

The stars just before the sunset,

or the colors inside her soul?

The music coming to life before your eyes,

the taps of dancing feet?

The whispers in the hallway?

The turning pages?

The hearts breaking?

The glass shattering?

The alarms blaring

and strangled cries?

The sound of owls flying overhead

and fireflies inside of jars?

The horns of impatient cars

or the groans of lost souls?

The jingle of bells in winter time

or splashes in the summer?

The rustle of leaves in the fall?

The flowers opening in the spring?

The drums beating a victorious beat,

the people jumping up out of their seats?

The hands joining, the voices raising,

The eyes lifting to see the sunlight of a new day?

Please just tell me... Can you hear it?

The End

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