this poem is about my experience of going to camp and how much i loved it.

It's like magic,When you see the view and the water,then as the day start's you can feel it getting hotter. I go to the sailing boat's but before I start I know that this place will remain forever in my heart,I get on the boat,the wind in my hair but the sail isn't cooperating and I think it isn't fair. Then as the day ends we go to the fire,all the beautiful flames that we all admire,the smell of the pines and the maple tree's too,the grass so green and the sky so blue,with every step that i do take it feel's like a dream and I will never awake. Camp has brought so many memories and thing's to remember,then these days will turn to the dark day's in december,but I will be waiting for the next boat to come and i'll think about camp and not be so glum.

The End

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