Let's Rewind

Wait, let's rewind
Let's press the button, review the past
Freeze this horrific frame
We'll remove this scene and delete your pain

Those blinking eyes will not be tearful anymore
It will turn out not to have happened at all
Just a terrible movie
That no one wanted to watch

How pathetically we slither
Across the line between
Reality and fantasy
How urgently we writhe
Beneath the bodies of faceless strangers

Let's pause this, and study the outline of subjective truth
Go back to a certain point and change the outcome
Bridge the limited
With the infinite
Change the mind of whatever twisted entity
Put you in this film
And made you act contrary to your nature
For some unseen audience
Laughing and crying behind her
Camera eyes

Let's trade lenses for a moment
And pretend that we know
What it's like to be in someone else's head

Remove the filters and turn off the flash
And simply see

But we cannot
She cannot, as she kicks and screams on her bed
In the throes of yet another night terror
In which she sees that cold, mundane countenance
Untwisted by worry as he injects the poison

Let's turn off the camera
And rip out the batteries that allow it to see such horror
Let's shatter the lens and destroy the meaning
Only then
Will it stop

The End

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