Camera Eyes

About a traumatic memory that won't die; preserved forever in her camera eyes.
It has two parts. The other part deals with denial.
Feel free to interpret as you like; perhaps her tormentor is trying to help her forget for his own ends. Perhaps not, and she is the one who shuns awareness and the pain it brings.

Her pale blue eyes reflect
What is happening in the foreground
Each blink like the lens of a camera
Preserving the unwilling memory
A victim of mangled senses

She doesn't want this memory
She doesn't want to understand
But her eyes have betrayed her
And the image will not fade
Even when she squeezes out the tears
Even when she screams into the megaphone
Of tented fingers and feels her insides split in two

The camera won't stop flashing, not now, not ever
Nor will her ears ever mute the screaming
The endless loop, a soundtrack to every decision
Every fork in the road
A mockery of the desperate hope
That she isn't a dying moth
Wings singed by the aftermath
Of his rage

Every hallway leads back to him
That well-scrubbed elegant angel
And the gentleness of his words
Are still ringing, surreal and disjointed
Against blood-streaked walls
The walls that they cleaned
Years ago, and painted a more mild color

She still sees it and always will

What have you done to those beautiful eyes?
Why must they retain your image, your atrocity
Every time she closes them in search of rest?

Why did your hand once give her a shiver of desire and warmth
At the view she saw down an impossible road where you were not
A monster?

Why did you stain her soul with your disease?

The End

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