Calm and Blue

a poem i wrote in '07 or 'o8, inspired by my love for my favourite colour. it went in the school mag which was nice.

The ocean blue is vast and deep.

It makes me want to fall asleep.

And if I do, then I’ll sleep well

Not hearing the ringing

Of the church’s loudest bell

 Nor the constant singing

Of the echo it makes

As the nearest wall shakes.


I’ll dream of the colour

That won’t go duller

If left for a thousand years.

If it faded, there would be tears

From me and people who love the blue,

It being such a lovely hue.


And then I’ll think of the sky above,

With fluffy clouds all filled with love.

The sky of the colour that relaxes me

The sky in which I could fly free

With wings of my thought

And all that I’ve sought

For the whole of my life.

The wings that know not what is strife.


For these are the things that make me feel calm -

Like a gentle stroking on my soft, pink palm.

The colours that take away all my stress

And of this passion, I wish to confess.

So I’ll tell you all, here and now,

I love the colour blue and I don’t want a row.


And when I wake up, I’ll be content,

I’ll say what I need to and this will be meant.

And when I go to bed tonight,

I’ll be on an island where the sand is white.

(Yes, I’ll be stranded faraway,

But I’ll think of it as a holiday.)

The End

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