Calling for the damnedMature

A girl kills her family because of the "voice"

The blood ran rings round her hand

before it dropped deadly on the floor

The tears still ran down his face

the tears he would cry no more

More blood, more blood, more blood

more pain, more pain, more pain

Lets kill them, let me kill them all

I want to see the horror again

I whispered in her ears once more

and now its time for mummy

Why dont you cut off her face

or stab smileys in her tummy?

She moves, she cuts she does my will

and i laugh and giggle and splutter

how many more child? how many more?

Before your locked away as a nutter!

And then we hear crying, baby crying

and i sign,  and lead her to it

she pulls out the knife as she does so

and stabs, and stabs and stabs it

I wonder, or ponder about who is left

Oh this is great, is there no more?

Wait there is the one that she loved

Yes that brat who crawls on my floor!

Pick her up my child and hold her to your chest

make sure she feels love young one

Trick her then stab her, stab her in the face

Dont stop cutting now, oh you'll ruin my fun!

She drops the child and its blood flows

and now theres no more, what a bore

now i'll make this teen die to

what a whore, what a whore, what a whore.




The End

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